Do you recondition your cars?

Yes! Every single car that comes in our doors gets a complete mechanical inspection along with a fresh oil change, and items such as brakes or tires that are in need of replacing are replaced. We do all of our own reconditioning. We also detail every car when it arrives.


Why don't you negotiate your prices?

We believe in aggressively pricing our inventory below market value. Our Price Professionals do countless hours of research, and have complex software that analyzes the market daily to make sure that mile for mile, option for option, our cars are the BEST value that you will find anywhere. If you want to shop around, we encourage that, in fact we will gladly share a market report with you that shows comparable cars and what other dealers are selling them for so you can make an educated decision. We love working with someone who has already done their homework and is contacting us because they have already found us to be the best value in the marketplace. We understand some people are used to negotiating for a discount, but our goal is to give everyone the same low price, both online and in person so you don't have to spend hours negotiating for it. This saves time and money, and we find most of our customers LOVE our One Price philosophy!


How can you sell your cars for so little?

One of our primary focuses is on keeping our overhead low. We operate with a warehouse mentality, which means you won't see any marble floors, 3 piece suits, or mahogany desks at PricePro. All of our Price Professionals are also capable of arranging your financing, keeping our employee costs to a minimum. We also buy in bulk, like a warehouse club, allowing us to buy our vehicles for less than what some other dealers would pay. Best of all, our cars are marked up only what is necessary, many times only hundreds of dollars instead of thousands of dollars like other dealers. All of these things add up, and allow us to pass the maximum savings on to you!


Where do your cars come from?

Most of our cars are purchased from dealer only auctions around the country. These can include off-lease vehicles, fleet vehicles, rental vehicles, dealer cars for sale, and bank-owned vehicles. We also take in a lot of trade-in's that we recondition, and subsequently place on our lot for sale.


Do you allow third party inspections?

Yes! We inspect every vehicle ourselves, but if you would like to take the vehicle to your mechanic to get a second opinion we encourage that. We also encourage third party inspection companies for long distance purchases.


What other fees are involved besides the purchase price?

Other fees include documentary fees, temporary, title fees, and transportation if necessary. We charge a document fee of $250 per Ohio law that helps us cover the ever increasing costs of legal compliance, document storage, processing payoffs, processing contracts, postage, and more. The charge for an Ohio title (or interstate title) is $15, and a temporary is $18.50. Transportation, if necessary, varies greatly. Please contact us for a quote.


Do you take trade-in's?

Yes! We take trade-in's of all types. We take trades of any year and mileage, and we are also partnered with KBB's Trade-In Marketplace, which allows you to get a trade-in value on your own!  Whatever you have, just call us or e-mail us the details and we will place a value on it.


Do you sell extended warranties?

Yes! We are partnered with Allstate Vehicle Service Contracts, and we offer a variety of different levels of coverage for your new vehicle. Because many of our vehicles are so new, and have such low mileage, the warranty costs are very reasonable! If the vehicle you are purchasing has some coverage already in place from the manufacturer, we can extend that coverage, or provide coverage for additional components during that time period. These warranties allow you to service your vehicle at the repair facility of your choosing.


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